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Telef: Within Costa Rica 00 506 2479 1058 - 2479 1059
      Outside Costa Rica 011 506 2479 1058 - 2479 1059

Open every day from  8:00 a.m. until 7:00p.m.

We have one of the best collections of reptiles and amphibians in Coast Rica. You will also enjoy our butterfly habitat, insect zoo and recreational activities.
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More than 80 species. Guided tours by qualified personnel…Learn more

Frog Habitat

Arenal, a paradise for the amphibians most emblematic of Costa Rica…... Learn more

Butterfly Habitat

Enter the world of the butterfly and discover their secrets…... Learn more

Insect Zoo

Our collection invites you to discover the world of these creatures......Learn more

Guided tours of the Arenal Volcano